Monday, December 04, 2006

Show Me The Snow

Show me the Snow
Show me the Snow

Show me the skates
Show me the skis
Show me the flakes
Dropping from the skies

Show me the mountain top
Show me the pristine white slope
Let me on the snow-board
And let me slide

Give me the gravity
Give me the velocity
Give me the pull
Down the hill as I roll

Spare me the Man
Spare me the Machine
Spare me for the Weekend
Lemme free my mind

Spare me the CO2
Spare me the horn
Spare me the rat-race too
Give me just the Oxygen

Let me hear the hustle of the leaves
Let me feel the chilly winds
Let me hear rock and roll
Let me hear my heart speak and swell

Give me the 6-count
Else give me the 8-count
Show me your hip move baby
As we dance the Lindy

As we dance the Lindy
And let it snow as we dance to the Lindy

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