Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Forgetting Names

One of the most embarassing situations can be when you forget the name of someone who remembers yours (or at least who you are afraid remembers yours).

There is this guy who I meet regularly in college who comes and talks to me I never remember getting introduced to him, and the first time I remember talking to him, he was all so jovial as if he knew me from a long time. May be he mistook some other acquaintance of his to me; but we have been meeting on the bus on the footpath etc. and I am in a constant fright of having to introduce him to someone else.

And it happened today! There was this Malayalee NRI girl with a wierd name, that belongs no where in the world, a name she attributed to her mother's creativity. She has a class near mine at the same time; she live near my house too, so we find ourselves waiting for the same bus. I have a vague idea of her name but not the actual name.

This morning I met the lady above and the guy above at the same time while waiting for a bus; to avoid an embarassing situation, I did something that if presented before the jury from the "Association for hopeless bachelors who should be extra extra nice to eligible women" would sentence me to the capital punishment.

I said Hi to the lady, and was about to embark on the 'being extra extra nice' journey as recommended by the AHBWSEENEW; when the guy started approaching me to avoid the embarassing situation of having to introduce two people whose names I do not know, I took two steps towards this guy and started talking to him, leaving the lady behind! Lord, bless my soul.
(I later made compensations by sweat taking to the lady after alighting the bus)

Later today in the bank, I met this Spanish guy, who adressed me by my name and asked me how I was doing? This time I jumped the boat and asked him what his name was? He said it was #@#$! at least that was what I heard! I asked what? He said that again. I gave up, he said it is Spanish for William. I later found out it is, well I forget, let me try Guillemo no Guillermo (pronounced Giyyermo) .

Yesterday, I also forgot the name of a girl, who knows that I already forgot her name once! This time I was careful not to tell that to her. AHBWSEENEW would not forgive forgetting names of people whom you should be 'extra extra nice to'; and telling them that you did is blasphemous.

Moral of the story: Like Brendan Fraser says in Blast from the past, use the name right away so that you will remember them!