Monday, January 22, 2007

Back to women

Was going trough the previous post. Or poem should we say? "Not bad" I think in retrospect "especially for a bunch of short lines that sound like a nursery rhyme".

Right now I am in Chicago. Pretty darn good here. The snow and all. Something always told me that snow would be beautiful but I did not know it would be so beautiful. Its the kind of thing that can make you say "Thats all honey, you, me, the snow fall, let the time freeze like this".

Whats interesting though is that I wrote the 'poem' before I saw the snow fall, but I can really mean it now "Let it snow as we dance to the Lindy". Can't wait till the day I will stand on a snow board.

Its also interesting to realize that there are things that one can look forward to more earnestly than sex. Well given sex is an eventuality; your parents unable to accept failure in their ability 'to hook up two complete strangers' will get you a 'nice' girl with whom you can do the thing in an 'acceptable' way. Also, not all things can be simulated !

On a similar note, in a dream the other night, I met this beautiful girl, you guessed where, in bed (well may be you did not guess where) ! Attributing undisputed validity to Freud's theory of dreams as wish fulfillments; I would say this girl was the girl I was looking for. If not 'me' exactly, this girl was at least what my insecurity and '10 years into puberty loneliness' was looking for. The surprising thing was that she was nothing like all the girls I ever met. She was uni-dimensional. What defined her was that she loved me. Also, she was young! Young as in; all the girls I liked were older or arguably more mature than I . This one was not so; she had something that was very vulnerable.

Good thing I am reading Freud; got to complete the book soon though, haven't moved a page in ages.

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