Monday, April 02, 2007

Re: My resume


I am his resume. I have been getting almost everyday now. For that matter, I have been getting edited every hour of the last three years, roughly the time I got christened or corporated should we say?

Sometimes entire parts of me get deleted, to be replaced by something completely new. Sometimes I run for up to five pages. But right now after all the things he did, I am only four fifths of a single A4 page. Can you believe that? Not being a full page after four years of graduation and working for some five jobs?

I got a lot of accolades from time to time. A lot of his friends say, "boy do you have an impressive resume", "you have a lot to write about", "you have a strong academic record" etc. But there are times when I get completely revamped and am not revised. This results in a lot of typos and errors in me. I even end up looking ugly and crowded.

There are days when I really shine, thats because of a lot of his friends who proof read me for him. Nice friends this guy seems to have. To visit these friends I travel a lot over the internet from town to town and country to country. Too bad I can not get outside the computer, just imagine all the beautiful things I could have seen.

A lot of times, I am uploaded on to a place and am there for the entire world to see. Just imagine all the places I was shown up at, across the globe. Imagine all the people that thought I was impressive, these people are somehow grossly outnumbered by people who are not at all interested. I simply do not seem to have what they are looking for.

All said and done, the person who edits me seems to have something bitter about me. He seems to be using me just because he has to; he definitely does not have that interest he has in other things of life.

I am sure all the edits he makes to me are forced up on him and he really hates it. But I am happy to be up there doing my job. I am excited about today's major upgrade, I am sure I will look good :)

Resume Raka