Monday, August 23, 2004

Yoga, The Ultimate Journey

I have strongly resolved that I am not going to be just another techie in this over techni-fied city of Bangalore! Yes, my office life is quiet demanding! I work for a Hi-tech Hi-slog company, where I fight a lonely and slowly losing battle against the hi-slog part of it. There is one good thing in all this, even though I slog, which I not so rarely do, its for an Indian company working for itself; where as most of my friends work for those American companies that outsource the not so glamorous part of their work to India, and we Indians give them more importance than necessary. Thats why I like the Japs, they do not care enough to learn to speak decent English.

Now, back to what I was saying, I have resolved to myself that I am not going to be one of those techies, for whom office is everything. Yes, I have decided that. In these recent days, my decision has started to translate into some actions. I have long back asked my uncle in the US to get me a tennis racquet which he very sincerely did, though I forgot my asking him to get it. Now there are no more excuses left, I have to start playing
tennis. In the meanwhile, I have joined yoga classes.
My Sanskrit dictionary has the following meanings for yoga.
yoga = effort.
yogam = self realisation
yogah = consciousness of the All-mighty

But I am not one of those foreigners, enchanted by the magic of yoga and hence interested in it. My interest comes from the fact that I am an Indian and a heir to the invaluable Indain asset of yoga. My own mother tongue, a south Indian language is the daughter of Sanskrit. I should confess that my mother tongue is a very immature language and hence depends heavily on her mother for all the vocabulary. Why am I narrating all that? Its to prove that I need not look into a dictionary for the meaning of a Sanskrit word. Hence the meaning of Yoga from my own dictionary is :
yogaM - meeting
yogaM - luxury
The endings a, aM or aH are only indicators of the parts of speech of a word.
Now let me explain, yoga is the that path that leads you to the meeting, the ultimate meeting, that is with God her/himself. It came to be used for luxury because, once you are in the path of yoga, you are embarking on the journey of spiritual bliss, which is acknowledged as the ultimate luxury. Hence any luxury is the result of the yogic tendencies a person has exhibited.

Hatha yoga, the aspect of yoga that is known in the western world, is a mere preparation of the human body for that journey. If the preparation is so ingenious, how would the actual journey be!
P.S : Here ends the blog of the part time philosopher in me . This blog was supposed to be posted a week ago, but got delayed. If you found this stuff too much on you, check out my next blog. Its also based on yoga. But a very lighter aspect of yoga. A complete humorous one. Life is beautiful when it is lived just like that without much thinking, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Big Bang

Hello Blogger,
This is my first blog, hence you may find it not very much in
line with the usual style of writing a blog.
My blog is named so because, my name means moon in sanskrit and my initials mean
sun in egyptian.
I guess, this is enough, more will come after I see some other blogs, and what people
write there.
- ra