Thursday, November 09, 2006

A couple of things

1) I am not after all as funny as I think I am or, or not as funny as I used to be ! This I realized after reading some other people's blogs. I am too obsessed with serious things these days to be of any real good with humor.

2) I wonder what the point of this blog is. Except that it contributes to my typing speed, and that it keep a friend of mine updated, there is nothing else. Basically blogging is not a very guy thing, especially not with the kind of things I write about. These days doing a lot of guy things like squats (some of them deep) and a lot of sports (both on tv and on the ground) so this blog is deteriorating

3) A tough gym regime is making my lungs real healthy and also making my mind real strong.
Like I mentioned in a previous post, I mind is sharp but it is kind of weak, in the sense that I can not think hard or focus hard for a long time, I did not know this could be fixed with paining exercises that rip your ass off.

4) So reached a stage in life where I can dribble past a guy or try and fake a guy in basketball, most people achieve this when they are 10. Better late than never. Its like I have more me now, as if I was not enough. Feels darn good.

5) Realized that the number of female acquaintances are raising by the day and the time I spend with the other sex is usually high these days. But the fact that I am not having sex, is kind of unbalancing. Just realized that a girl used the word asshole in a conversation with me. I am not sure if it is a first time or if it happened before.

6) There are rumors in my Digital Communications class that I worked in the Comm field for a couple of years, so thats what makes me darn good at this subject and all. People ways of going to denial about my skill at this subject, I guess. Anyway, I feel like a star.

7) I am graduating in a month and do not have a job, or do not have any interviews also. i should be pretty upset about it, but this gym, sports, dance, friends, homeworks (yes homeworks) etc that make school what it is are definitely worth it.

8) Couple of things were long over, bye.


sp said...

hope the aforementioned ahole wasnt you !

Anonymous said...

Try Changing the perspective: I am sure it will help. Use the Blog to analyse yourself, insted of 'trying to make a point'. Have you tried being a little more positive?
Forgetting Names -ve
Why I did not apply for the Job -ve
The Problem With Me -ve
Beauty +ve (For a change)
A couple of things -ve
See that, It is like a pattern, almost predictable, the emotion. Try some happy thoughts,Keep those -ve wibes away, Freak out, enjoy and remember: do not try to wait till everything to be perfect so that you can be happy, Not everything will be perfect everytime, you can still be happy!! I am sure some great Job offers are waiting for you. Good luck!

raka said...


I have one great comment on my blog
and that is anonymous.

Thanks a lot for the comment and the patience to go trough a lot of posts.

As an act of gratitude, my next couple of posts shall be positive !