Monday, November 29, 2004

Passion for the Sport

Last Monday we, (my friend and I) played football in the National Games Village football ground in Koramangala, Bangalore. He had been asking me, where I went for playing. Though I went there only once, I suggested this ground to him. For once, in all those times we went to the game together, I was the star ! Yes. There were compliments from one guy, who recognized me from my last game, in spite of my ill-fitting mush that has grown in the interval. This guy said "Hey, guys, this guy is solid, I want him in my team" , and later to his team, "This guy can manage all the defense". I am happy to say that I did live up to their expectations by saving a penalty kick, which was entrusted to me with great trust by my team.

The best part of all this episode came as a late climax, the next morning, when I got a mail from my friend. It was nothing regarding my game, and it ran thus.

From : SO
To : RA
Subject :

hello thanks for yesterday's game
now i know why i was feeling low for last one-two months

Now, that's Soccer, that the game. That's how much we love it. Thats how much we love life itself.

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