Monday, November 15, 2004

Enjoy Anyway!


Hi All,

It’s exactly 52 weeks since I have left my job at tcs, in the pursuit of some dreams, though the term dreams is no longer relevant. No, there aren't any regrets, there weren't any ever. After all the choice has already been made, I just had to execute it!

After one year, its an inverse situation now, it was sampling two extremes of the spectrum, and hence here I am with a taste of the entire range. A lot of lessons have been learnt, like they should have been.

Firstly, its never good to sell everything you have to buy something you want, it makes a vary bad bargain.
Secondly, nothing is what is seems, because, as someone once said, "people evaluate things based on what they want them to be rather than what they actually are!" Like the shock most of us faced when we joined the much hyped IT industry after ruling the college.

Before you think that I have learnt only things that blunt one's attitude, here are the silver linings.

Its always good to count what you have and improve on it rather than keep counting what you have lost, how ever huge the loss may be. It does not mean that you hypnotize yourself into believing that everything is fine, after all you cannot cheat yourself. One cannot have everything, hence prioritize what you want, and how much you want it, though it may sound silly to others.

Secondly, there is always a middle path, between two extremes; it just needs an open mind and an outlook that is not prejudiced, to see it.

Most importantly, when you swim upstream, it makes you stronger, but you cannot keep doing it all the time, sometimes you would want to enjoy the rewards for your toil.

This was until I had to come to grips with the new world that was surrounding me. You guys read the "Gone with the wind", its an awesome book. The most complete book I have ever read, unlike most books that deal only with some aspects of life! Its centered around people coming to grips with a completely new world around them, how some things change and how some things do not, and on people realizing what they want in life after life has gone by!

Now, I kind of realized what all I want in life, ironically it was what I always wanted! Kind of "follow your heart" funda. But its good if you can formulate things. The most important change in me is that I have started to care about what others think, and have become a people pleaser, its no easy task after all! Secondly, enjoy the ride, more than the destination!

Life has become very good these days, and I have been having a great time for the last couple of months, lot of social life these days! Nothing palpable has changed though, my boss still thinks I am hedonistic and irresponsible but somehow important (my senior is astonished that I survived here for nine and a half months and managed to become important), my house still very unfurnished without a source of hot water and the traffic on Richmond road is only growing!

Somethings change, somethings do not, Enjoy anyway!


"A glamor to life, a perfection, a completeness and a symmetry to it like Grecian art"

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