Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Long time no blog

It has been really really long since I blogged. Yes two and a half months is a long peroid for any blog. Especially when those two and a half months are very happening. Ironically, the very fact that the last two months were very happening is the reason for the absence of any blogs.

In a nut shell, I had two dance peformances on stage, (taking the total number of stage performances I gave in my life to three), changed three houses (about to change for a fourht!), took concrete steps for the future, celebrated a birthday, heard a shocking news on my Birthday, went to Hyderabad and home and realised that my childhood is over, completed one year in my job, heard of another friend's marriage, and lot more.

In the meanwhile, there were so many thoughts that crisscrossed my brain that could have been amazing blogs. But sorry reader (that is most of the times myself), the days were too packed for me to blog. Here are some of the titles, of the blogs that could have been and that could be expected in the days to come.

The ooru that shrunk.
Memories that stink.
Passion lost, passion Found.
Language and the art of making people happy.
The world is our living room.
Number "line" becomes a "circle".
The heart that bleeds.
Blessed by the Trinity till Eternity.


Nigella said...

I vote for Passion Lost, Passion Found ;-)

raka said...

Most of these blogs never came, though there is a fairly good chance that they will. But for the other's the damage to blogdom literature has to be reconciled with.