Saturday, February 24, 2007

Women in Love: The Cloud Analogy

Well I decided I include the word 'women' in all the titles of my posts, may be that way i will get some readership.

I was talking to this very knowledgeable friend of mine a few days ago; the kind that has read everything there is to read about philosophy from Socrates to Jung from Sankaracharya to Tagore. Who gave me the analogy of the cloud (with respect to what I do not remember exactly)

Then I was also talking to another couple of friends who had this great honor of being chased by women madly in love; something I could never imagine happening to me, which I really believed never happens to normal guys.

not so pro louge:
Ladies it is not at all a good thing to go after a guy; even if you are madly in love with him, it is better to try subtly to convey the message across. The moment you tell them how passionately you love them, they look down up on you. That ruins any chance of success in your love.

Clouds and the Sun:
Sun is the life giving force.
On a fine day, you can see the Sun. On a cloudy day you can not.
So the Clouds obstruct your view of the Sun.
But how is it possible for us to see the Cloud?
Ofcourse because of the light shed on them by the great Sun it self.
Is n't it ironic that the Sun who gives you the power to see should be obstructed by the clouds; which you can see only because of the Sun ?

Guys who are not sure:
Normal guys do not know how good they are! Seriously.
The surest way for them to know it when a girl falls for them.
So for these blind pathetic guys, there is this long awaited Sun in their life.

Getting to the head:
Once they realize how good they are, thanks to the lady; the entire thing gets to their head.
So these cheapos start feeling that the lady is not good enough for them.

Sun - The lady
Clouds - A false sense of self worth
I hope you got the analogy.

So ladies be subtle in expressing your love, especially to guys who are not sure of themselves, that is all of them!


The Cloud (sic) said...

"Analogies, it is true, decide nothing, but they can make one feel at home" said your latest interest - Mr Freud. And so it is.

There is no question of all this going into this "cheapie"'s head - if there is anything this cheapie is sure of in the world, it is his own sense of self-worth.

Not worthy enough ? Sigh...surely you ought to know better. There are parallel lines, there are intersecting lines and there are of course skew lines. All non-intersecting lines aren't parallel lines, are they?

I remember a conversation with a friend of mine - not so long ago. He disagreed strongly with the statement that it is more important to end up with someone who is loves you than the other way round.

"Though analogy is often misleading, it is the least misleading thing we have, " so said some other dude.

The Cloud (sic) again said...

Hey there is a small mistake you ought to correct...

"But how is it possible for us to see the CLOUD"

Poornima said...

And love the illusion! :)

I HAD to add that!

Pearl said...

Great work.