Saturday, March 03, 2007

Comparison between India and China

Well the age old comparison goes on.. and I do not want to add my drop of fuel to that fire.

Here is a quick ironic snapshot of THE comparision

Firstly you will be surprised to see that the comparision between the big I and the big C is one of the most popular in the world. Rubbing shoulders with other great 'rivalries' like
xbox - ps3 - wii
christianity - islam (unfortunately)
Intel - AMD
pointers - integers
(Source Google Suggest)

And among the google results for the same, you will notice that the first hit is from India and the second from China.

And the funny part is that in the Indian article resents about how China is much ahead of India.

While, in the second hit, the Chinese article tells in spite of everything how Indian Economy is still better (especially in terms of Management and Corporate Maturity)

The Indian one seems more desperate; but the hit from the Chinese paper which is actually a more mature and neutral perspective just tries to be informative.

Like all comparisons, this one is also not worth while.
I mean the comparision between the countries!
Wait, I also mean this post comparing the articles...

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sp said...

Apples and oranges - both fruits nevertheless.

Everything that I see wrong in the way we are growing, I see them in more alarming proportions in the growth of the dragon.