Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why I did not apply for the Job

Here are the qualifications required for a job I was looking at on a 'good' company's website. My status on each of the requirement is in red.


  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, or equivalent required. MS preferred
  • MS in EE from great school with great GPA. Cool
  • Three or more years of C programming and DSP assembly language programming experience with profiling and optimization experience
  • Got all the experience in C that you need. Cool
  • Texas Instruments C5x or C6x programming experience and familiarity with TI DSP/BIOS, and the XDAIS programming standard preferred
  • Got this Experience too...
  • Understanding of DSP peripherals and device interfaces
  • Sure thing ...
  • Experience with ITU-T communication system standards preferred
  • Familiarity with ITU-T communication system standards MPEG Video or G.72x or MPEG Audio compression standards a plus
  • Familiarity with UDP/IP, RTP and RTSP multimedia streaming protocols preferred
  • Decent amount of familiarity with all the above.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • No problemo
  • Powerful problem solving and debugging skills
  • Got it all pal.
  • Superior motivation, positive attitude
Superior motivation? Well the others I can learn or fake, but superior motivation?
Lets face it, this job sucks; people are there only for the money; you can not buy motivation with money, not that of superior quality, not for a long stretch of time, which in my case was over long ago. Sorry Matey!

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