Wednesday, June 21, 2006

After Three Years

Prolouge: This post is a letter I wrote to six of my friends a while ago. The six of us joined the same company after college three years ago. We had a blast in the initial training days, which lasted for 10 weeks. Now we are scattered all over the globe! We were a great gang except for things like only one person read my mail! etc. I would blame the self-centred-blog nature of the mail instead of them though. We have 'grown' a lot as individuals since then though! This is a nostalgic one.

Well some people are not very good at letting the past go.
Especially when the past has been so dreamy with all
its ups and downs, with people taking you to the skies
and leaving you there, only to watch you fall !!!

Now, would I trade in 10 weeks of roller coaster in a place full
of friends, full of learning, full of excitement, full of open alleys;
a place where the dreams were bigger than the obstacles,
where money was just what it has be: sufficient.

For 10 weeks in a place, where friends are rare, dreams are
a ramshackle, money is a plenty raising the bid on your soul,
where boredom is the most exciting thing, and dreams are
just what they are: dreams.

Would I trade in...
Incorrigible hope for clear vision?
Unsolicited advice for calm apathy?
Juvenile mistakes for cynical maturity?
Glory addiction for soothing resignation?
Waves of the ocean for ripples of the lake?
Gusto of the winds for sturdiness of the mountain?

Would I trade in
Enthusiasm for experience?
You name the price, because I know I can not pay it.

- RakA

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