Monday, February 13, 2006

Soul Sellers Inc.

Regulars at this blog know that the lines they read are from the finger tips of this very talented software engineer who hates technology and hence computers and hence software. A lot of people say that I am very difficult to understand. A 'successful' person who is dissatisfied. A tech-hater at one of the world's best tech schools.

Neway, software giant Microsoft thought I am in computer science and sent me an interview offer, and as a preparation, I was asked to go trough one of those 'we-are-such-a-cool-place-to-work-at' web pages. A strong believer of preparation is the key to success(how ever dis-interested in that succsss you might be), I was going trough those 'oh-so-cool' job profiles. I was depressed, now who wants to develop software systems, how ever kewl the HR people may make it sound? Acknowledging life's great capability to suck, I went on to the other pages.

Now there was this page on the locations of Microsoft. They have one in the Silicon Valley like any software company worhty of its code does. They have this stuff about how close it is to SF, Palo Alto, LA, LV, Lake Tahoe etc. To quote them verbatim 'Did someone say road trip?' Suddenly the dream of SW descends on me. How cool it would be to go to Stanford at Palo Alto for the dance classes and parties. To SF for some football and fun. To LA on road trips, to Lake Tahoe for skiing. To Vegas for some sin. In that BMW that you bought within a month of joining work?

Being a rich bachelor (thanks to your lousy job) sure does help. Though that still leaves us with our having to the 'lousy' aspect! Is life like this? You work those 50 hours a week just waiting for it to be over to earn some money to spend the 25 hours of weekend? Is it impossible to make your passion your profession.

PS : Please do not wish me all the best for the interview. It does not matter, if or not I get the internship offer. It will only be a painful reminder of the pros. life.


deepthi said...

Good thought. I do believe that it is impossible to make you passion your profession and otherwise. Howmuchever interested you are in activity A, occupying urself in it for a time t regularly, will bore you out of it. Profession has its up and down phase in terms of ur interest in it, but passion can only have ups.

sp said...

@deepthi : interesting thought; in fact, I often think this is the case with me. After a while at doing something, I get bored with it, the novelty wears off. But I havent seen much of life yet and am the self-confessed romantic always hopeful...

Anuj said...

I think its all about the right balance.. Glad that atleast you know what your passion is :)

Why do you think you cna do only one thing.. may be you can pursue your passion over weekends and someday make it your profession and that wuld be grt.. you wuld no longer be working.. you would be enjoying every moment..

I feel its possible to maeke your passion your profession :) and if you really are passionate you wont get bored of it ever :)