Sunday, October 16, 2005

Nice ... Uhun

Prologue :
My friend I were having a pointless conversation, on which we were copying a third friend of ours. The third guy was silent all the time and finally replied saying that it was a nice conversation, which the conversation was far from. This was my reply.

"Nice conversation"
One thing about talking to girls for long hours is that (or is it about being in B schools), one tends to start everything with 'nice'.

Like 'Nice article', there is no gaurentee the person even read the subject line. Similarly 'nice conversation', like 'nice dress', 'nice book', 'nice forward' 'nice ass' etc. The nicest part of nice is that it is a nice thing to say.

The only thing that can equal nice in what-ever is the 'aham' the 'a's are pronounced as a median of the sounds 'a', 'u' and 'e'. It is said with the right mono-tone to it so that it could mean anything from 'thats great' to 'do not bullshit me'. 99% of cases it is means something between ' I do not care' to 'do not bull shit me'.

Next time you hear an american or someone who has been here for a while 'ahun', it is anything but 'nice'.



sp said...

Like I think I remarked earlier when the original event in question took place, this drooling sarcasm sounds totally like Jerry Seinfeld !

Rupak said...

I can assure you dude that when a b school guy starts with "nice" means I havent heard what you said/I dont care what you said/dont waste my time/piss off etc etc and the ilk..
Dont know if "nice" has anything to do with chatting up with gals. I personally feel that this word has lost its importance in conversations with females in the first quarter of the last century itself.